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Bongs have been an essential product in craft headshops since the 70s, and glass is the preferred material, being easy to clean, colourful and comfortable. Check out all the marijuana glass bongs on our website. These bongs can also be used with other herbs. Find in our catalogue at Luxe Products USA your Bong or your Pipa among the dozens of references. Search in the category of the article that you need and you will only have to see the models that best suit your needs.

If you enter the category of pipes at Luxe Products USA you will find dozens of models of different designs and sizes so that you can find yours easily. You will have glass pipes of various sizes and colours, handmade and different from each other. You will have the small 10cm glass pipes with which to smoke your marijuana, with the novel hole that we cover as in the Bong. It is covered to give the puff and when the smoke comes to your mouth you uncover it so that it enters better. The large glass pipe of 35cm is one of the most striking if you like glass pipes since it is a very little seen model that will be very good as an ornament after its uses. You’ll have more exclusive models like the Weed pipe or the pipe Fuck, which have the form of the word itself forming the pipe conduit.

You can find chillers and pipes with incredible advances at Luxe Products USA, such as the Mk-108 pipe, a retractable pipe that we can close once we have smoked and that will not emit an odour or stain our pocket. The pipes chillers are pipes with an internal circuit, which apart from filtering your smoke make it arrive fresh to your mouth. You have several models and sizes, the most famous are the Amazed Pipes, both the Red Eye and the Spliff Stick. The pipe Amazed Red Eye is a pipe in which we put our marijuana directly, we smoke it like a joint, but inside the smoke makes the spiral circuit that allows many impurities of the smoke to remain stuck inside. Once we finish smoking, we can easily clean it with alcohol.

How do the bongs at Luxe Products USA work?

Fill the glass vessel with enough water to cover the metal tube from the arm. As a general rule should be more than a third of the vessel without water, with enough air to accumulate then part of the smoke that we inhale. Thus, we will have two-thirds of cold water and one-third of air in the vessel. We will seal the arm well to the vessel, either by the thread or by pressure with rubber bands. We will place the bowl on the upper arm, also by pressure. The tobacco will be put in the bowl, caked but not tight so that the air can pass. We will cover the tobacco with aluminium foil that we will perforate next with a toothpick or other sharp object. The holes should be small and dispersed so that the air is distributed throughout the bowl. On top of the aluminium foil, we will place the charcoal tablet previously lit, which we will have done by holding it with metal tongs. Carbon is never ignited in the bowl, it is deposited there when it is red hot. Aluminium foil will prevent the tobacco from burning and will also reduce the temperature at which it will be exposed.

Inhale through the hose, knowing that the first puffs require more effort but will soon start to pull more easily. By doing this, the outside air will pass through the coal and the bowl that contains the tobacco. The air heated by the combustion of the coal will vaporize the tobacco – it will not burn it, nor will it burn -, producing a dense smoke that will circulate towards the lower vessel through the metallic tube of the arm that penetrates into the water. The inhaled air will produce bubbles, it will cool and it will be deposited in the space of the water-free vessel until the smoker inhales again and that smoke refreshed by the water rises up the hose to his mouth. The pressure change that this inhalation produces in the vessel makes the hookah pull the air over the coal and the operation resumes.

If we have been smoking the shisha and stop doing it for a long period, smoke will probably have accumulated over the water of the vessel. This old smoke can be unpleasant to the palate, so we will get rid of it by exhaling instead of inhaling that is, we will blow through the hose and thus the air will come out through the exhaust valve located in the lower part of the arm. Resume the inhalation and we continue enjoying the shisha. If you are one of those who always leave with your Bong, we have a Bong with a transport case, so that you can carry it in a special bespoke case where it is not so susceptible to breaking.

There are very innovative models such as the Bong with several hoses so that several smokers can smoke at the same time from the same cup. The Bong Mask is another of our classics at Luxe Products USA, you cannot miss any party. Another of the Bong models that attract the most attention is the Water Puff, a universal pipe that we can put in any plastic bottle and transform it into a Bong instantly. You will also have a category with Cachimbas and Shishas, for flavoured tobacco smokers, although it can also be used with marijuana and hashish. You will have different models and sizes of handmade Shishas, all with a special design for you that only you will have at home. You will have models like the Shisha of 25cm, tiny and discreet for a smoker who uses it often and does not have to clean a large bulkier.

So, if you are looking for a good article to taste your harvest, among all our items you will surely find one that suits you, you will only have to enter the category of your favourites to smoke, in Pipes, in Bongs or in Cachimbas or Shishas. You will find the best deals on all models, so you can get your Bong Pipa or hookah at unimaginable prices. Bongs are the favourite of smokers, before very expensive, until we have incorporated our models. Each item at Luxe Products USA has its description, where we explain its qualities as fat and resistant glass or large bowl.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace