Transmission service designed for TV channels, video producers, event organizers, congresses, seminars, etc

Transmission of live video online (in real time 24 hours), using Windows Media technology and Flash! We take the signal from your transmission and your viewers will connect directly to our online video transmission server (online). Your viewers do NOT need to install any software; they will watch your video transmission directly from your own website or from a page offered by us (if you do not have a website) and with any browser (internet browser). Depending on the video transmission quality you want is the minimum internet connection you will need (already with 512kbps upload is enough).

There are several qualities of Live Video Transmission (online or online) for the internet.

360p – It is an average quality that offers a good signal of video transmission

480p = SD (Standard Definition) this is already a quality similar to that of TV

720p = HD (High Definition) DVD quality. This type of video transmission is used mostly by large companies that need more than excellent quality.

The live video transmission sites will not only serve to communicate with the family, a journalist can use it to present information to their workgroup, provide their opinion on a topic or, most obviously, cover a news event.

How to do it? You can use websites or mobile applications. transmit with professionalism and experience your events via the internet and we give them life and presence all over the world.

Video production

We plan, produce and direct the transmission of conferences, presentation events, product launches, press releases, corporate programs, higher education chairs, shows, sports, concerts and much more with the technical staff and production team suitable for each chance. We have complete multi-camera production equipment – “flypacks” – that can be transported and installed anywhere in a few minutes. We also have production equipment for a camera and editing systems.

Live streaming offer a full range of live streaming services. We put emphasis on the technical and audiovisual quality of the material we generate. We have the state-of-the-art mobile equipment to encode the event on site and transmit HD quality to PC and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

We have alliances with the main content distribution networks, which allow us to have the necessary capacity to offer broadcasts in HD quality and support any number of simultaneous viewers worldwide. is dedicated, primarily, to the streaming of live events, that is to the transmission of live events through the Internet. This is a brief summary of what we offer. Today we live in an online world. Do you need your project to be online? Check out the Live Veil Streaming services. Live broadcasts, on demand, podcast, whatever you need! Trust Veil Live to get it done quickly and professionally. With an excellent space, the is ideal for the realization of live programs or for the recording of news programs, commentaries, interviews, musicals or realities, among others.

For those projects that must be transmitted from your company, a convention or entertainment centre, a stadium or the race track, we have mobile production and transmission systems. These portable systems can be configured quickly in the place of the event and are ideal to give coverage with several cameras, either to transmit it live over the Internet, to transmit it locally in one or more screens, to link it with a television station or simply record it for other purposes. Our transmission is made in different qualities, multi-adaptive, to be seen in HD and mobile devices. You only need a bandwidth of 2 Mbps for HD. The system will detect the best quality supported by your device and your bandwidth, although you can change it manually in the right and lower part of the video frame.

You can perform a speed test on this website.

To perform the Internet speed test, you must stop all traffic to and from the Internet on your computer and on any computer that is connected to your network. It often happens that the security of your modem is not strong and you have “hung” a large number of users close to you. Even so, remember that sometimes a small pause in the video is normal.


Virtually any Windows PC or Mac OS of recent models can see our content. We recommend updating your operating system regularly. For mobile devices and Smart TV, likewise, most of the recent devices will be able to see our content in a normal way, without needing adjustments. Remember that the bandwidth you have contracted is not always the real one and depends on many factors such as the number of computers connected to your network, the number of applications connected to the Internet on your computer, etc.

Online tv broadcast

With this solution, television channels can have their signal live through the Internet and reach the whole world with its transmission in real time, without expensive equipment investments.

Transmission of live events

If you have a company in charge of organizing events this is the right way to get the live broadcast of the event to the whole planet. Think of the extra publicity and prestige you would receive when you know that your event was broadcast live over the internet

Transmission of congresses, seminars, etc

With our online audio and video streaming, you can reach more viewers. Imagine for example that you could charge an enrollment fee to participate in your Congress live through the internet.

* Remember that this is a professional service of transmission of online video, it is not comparable with some free services that offence on the internet to transmit video. offer a streaming service that provides a comprehensive and simple solution, providing online viewers with the same experience as in-person attendees.

We take care of all the production to broadcast your event live: filming, live broadcast, a platform for integrated broadcast with Youtube, Eventbrite and more! Our service is offered throughout the country, transmitting your event to the world.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace