The best radar detectors 2018 are here for your car

When was the last time you were penalized for over-speeding? Or when was the last time you wished you could figure out where the traffic policemen were so that you could avoid a ticket? It might have been long ago or could have been just a few days back. And this is where the radar detectors help. You can figure out where exactly the speed traps are or where exactly can you fall a prey to police’s traps. This can help you in ways you cannot even count on fingers. Are you excited to know the best radar detectors 2018 has brought to you? We are sure, you are!

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is a device based on electronics that helps the vehicle drivers to check if the vehicular peed is being tracked by police or the law enforcement entities using the radar guns. This is usually done so that the driver can slow down the car before it falls into the trap laid by the vigilant police forces. As a result, a ticket can be avoided therefore. This helps to check any kind of black mark on driver profile too and hence, the best radar detectors 2018 become extremely crucial.

How does radar detector help?

The radar detector can be instrumental in various ways and can help you through innumerable channels.

  • Once you get the best radar detectors 2018 has to offer to us, you can be assured of avoiding any ticket from thee law enforcement.
  • Moreover, you can save a lot of money without decreasing your speed and fun on the road.
  • You can challenge the winds and zoom like a king on the roads, without any fear of police trying to spoil the fun.
  • The radar detectors can also help you save time which gets wasted while receiving a ticket and can help you reach your destination faster and safer.
  • The best radar detectors 2018 has got will also keep you ahead of your peers and can help you be the point of every driver’s envy.

Don’t get it wrong. Having a radar detector installed in the car does not imply that you go careless on the roads. It is just to help you save your time and money from the cops and get going without hassles. While on road, it is imperative and crucial to consider the safety of pedestrians and fellow drivers too.

Drawbacks of the radar detectors

The radar detectors may not work under all kinds of conditions. Here are a few limitations which the radar detectors suffer from.

  • A radar detector can only detect the emitting technologies, e.g. the doppler RADAR or even LIDAR.
  • The ANPR and VASCAR, which are visual speed estimating technologies, cannot be fooled by a radar detector.
  • Even the best radar detectors 2018 has got for you cannot detect the piezo sensors, at least there are no reports on it.

The radar detectors use the scattered and stray radiations, which can give some considerable amount of time to drivers to slow down. Tis is how the radar detectors can act as messiah for the drivers who simply love speed but not cops.

The best brands of radar detectors

The market is flooded with various brands offering radar detectors for drivers to help them cope up with speed-hating cops. Let’s have a look at some of the best brands available in the market.

Escort: This brand has been there for almost 35 years. It has patented technologies which help it to rapidly check for the speed traps and efficiently detect from far-off distances. The brand has been the recipient of many prestigious awards as well.

Beltronics: This is a division of Escort. It has been producing high-performance detectors which have cutting-edge technology at the core. The brand is certainly going to sustain itself in the list of the best radar detectors 2018 has to offer to us.

Uniden: The list of the best radar detectors 2018 can never be complete without the mention of Uniden. This brand has manufactured insanely wonderful radar detectors which have made it big in the marketplace.

Features of a good radar detector

The most amazing radar detectors have a number of features which make them irresistible for the drivers. Let’s have a look at the most wonderful features of the best radar detectors 2018 is offering us in the market.

  • The radar detector must be able to detect the police’s laser gun or radar gun signals. Moreover, the the range of the radar detector must be quite long.
  • The detector must feature a 360-degree capacity to detect the signals from all the directions.
  • K-band filtering and Ka-band filtering must be possible for the best radar detectors 2018. This must be done when the car is still miles away from the speed trap.
  • Radar detectors must also come equipped with highly efficient and sleek GPS systems which can help to locate speed cameras, along with red lights.
  • A mute button must be available to help you silence the detector when you are driving at quite low speed in the highly populated areas.
  • The level of sensitivity, brightness and filtering can be easily adjusted to help you avoid your radar detector getting detected by the police itself.
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities must help to filter out the unnecessary bands, so as to avoid any kind of false signal to the driver.
  • An instruction manual, a power cable and a carrying case must be provided by the manufacturer to make the best use of the radar detector.
  • Instant on feature helps to get the device turned on before any laser gun is pointed at the car.
  • The device must also display the multiple threats along with a counter to help a driver avoid multiple speed traps on the way.

A few products

The Passport 9500IX by Escort is one the best ones in the market today. Uniden R3 is quite sought-after, while Max 360-degree by Escort is again one of the favorites. Beltronics GT-7 has also got rave reviews.

Get the best radar detector for your car today. There is no point paying penalties when the best radar detectors 2018 can rescue you.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace