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Looking for a good filter for aquariums? If you are a fish lover you know how important it is to maintain their habitat in optimal conditions. Having an aquarium at home requires a series of cares, and the most important of all is the cleanliness and quality of the water. The plants, the substrate, an appropriate location and a good filter for water maintenance are the essential elements to enjoy your aquarium, but above all, enjoy your fish. The filters for aquariums incorporate a mechanism that allows not only that the aquarium water circulates, but that it cleans when returning back to the tank, thanks to the filtering materials that eliminate the impurities.

Its use is essential in the aquarium, because it allows the water is always renewed. Today we will take care of this guide to advise you the best brands, models and different characteristics, after having made an exhaustive comparison between more than twenty existing models in the current market. If you are already clear about what you are looking for and want to see our selection of the best filters for aquariums, you can directly access the product sheets:

In this section dedicated to aquarium filters appear many systems. Choosing an aquarium filter obeys a series of considerations that we should foresee in advance. Unfortunately, there are no rules or formulas that allow us to calculate the requirements of our filter simply because at home, we cannot weigh our fish or analyze in real time all the waste produced in an aquarium. Source:

The best filters:

BPS (R) Submersible Pump

Product size: 7.5 x 5.5 x 28.4CM, color: black

Power supply: 220V-240V 50Hz

Total power: 25W.

Maximum lifting height: 1.2M, maximum: 1200L / h.

The pump contains a biochemical sponge. Absorbs dirt and keeps water clean. It connects with an EU plug

Usually shipped in 24 hours & FREE Shipping

€ 24.95

Aquaflow Technology Super AEF-302

Suitable for tanks up to 400 Liters

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Simple initial configuration

Non-drip closing cap for easy cleaning

Three independent compartments for a stage filter.

Usually shipped in 24 hours & FREE Shipping

€ 42.99 63.00

BPS (R) Aquarium Professional Filter

Power supply: 220V-240V 50 Hz

Power: 3 w, Max liters: 190 L / h

Engine and pump of high quality

Product size: 8.5 * 8 * 10.5 CM

The filter is for the smallest aquarium (less than 60L).

Usually shipped in 24 hours & FREE Shipping

Aquamarin – UV-C filter

Eliminates bacteria and germs

Connection cable: approx. 5m

Suitable for fresh and salt water

Protect your fish from diseases

Provides crystal clear water

Normally shipped within 2-3 business days


Tips to keep in mind before buying a filter for your aquarium


Of all the elements of an aquarium, the filter are one of the most important, which is why choosing it is an important decision. Its function is not only depurative: besides transforming organic waste into non-toxic minerals, it can avoid the presence of suspended matter in the water, create aquatic current, and balance the temperature between the water levels that are formed. Good or bad filtering has consequences in the ecosystem of an aquarium. The waste that accumulates decomposes becomes ammonia; in small quantities it is necessary in the aquarium habitat, but if the levels are very high, it is lethal for the fish. Another consequence of not maintaining good water filtration is that the plants do not develop and instead the aquarium is filled with algae. To see more here is the source:

The mechanism of aquarium filters is very simple; the majority works by hydraulic pump, which is what favors that the water circulates through different filtering materials, of different porosities and functions.


To select a filter, we must take into account the factors that affect its performance: the density of fish and plants in the aquarium, and the volume of liters of water to filter. Basically there are two types: interior (submerged in water, ideal for small and medium aquariums) and exterior (suitable for large aquariums). In general, external filters provide more filtration and have more quality.

The materials of which a filter is composed are usually:

  • Synthetic fiber: It retains the finest waste.
  • Foamex sponge: porous material that retains the largest residues.
  • Active carbon: It retains microscopic particles, removes traces of drugs and gives the water a characteristic clean appearance.
  • Ceramics: Acts as a biological filter, since its porosities house essential bacteria, responsible for eliminating toxic substances from water: ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

For the ammonia and nitrites to become nitrates, the work of the filtering materials, where billions of bacteria are housed, is essential. For these beneficial bacteria to have a high concentration, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks from the time the first fish are added to the aquarium. After this period, it is said that the filter “is mature”.


The filter needs regular maintenance to eliminate accumulated waste products. The buy filter for aquarium reviews ideal is to clean the internal filters every two weeks and external filters once a month. Sponges and other materials should be rinsed with the same aquarium water, as chlorine from tap water will harm beneficial filter bacteria. The filters with carbon have to be replaced every few months, and the main sponges or biological media only have to be changed once a year. As beneficial bacteria accumulate in the filter, you should avoid changing more than half at the same time.


Eheim, Aquaflow and BPS are some of the most valued brands among aquarists. There are simple filters, which only incorporate the materials necessary for the biological balance of water, and other more sophisticated ones. Most filters for domestic aquarium range between 10 and 20 euros, depending also on the capacity: the higher the volume of water and the fish colony, the more filtering and pumping capacity the filter will require. The filters for medium aquariums and ponds, usually exceed 40 euros on average, and those of professional quality (such as the Eheim) can exceed 200 euros. For added information see Source:

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