Grigorenko seeks more permanent role with Sabres

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) – So long as center Mikhail Grigorenko remains on the Buffalo Sabres roster, it doesn’t matter where the team’s top prospect sits in the locker room.

For now, that spot is a makeshift stall set aside in the corner where Grigorenko has a chair and computer monitor stand to place his belongings.

So far, that’s good enough for the 18-year-old, Russian-born first-round draft pick, who joked that at least he has a chair.

Grigorenko’s intention is graduating to a more permanent spot now that the team’s 4-day training camp is over.

His immediate future will be decided as early as this week, when the Sabres set their 23-player roster before opening the regular season hosting Philadelphia on Sunday.

Another option is returning Grigorenko to his junior team in Quebec.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace