1.10.13 Big Divide Coming Into Our Country

There’s a big divide coming into ‘The Lower 48’ and no, I don’t mean between democrats and republicans debating over the debt ceiling. I’m talking about snow!

A large dip in the jet stream will move across the western half of the country from January 10-13, 2013 while the eastern half will get very warm air. The result will be feet and feet of additional snow across the western terrain but melting snow here.

On the left you’ll find images from NOAA regarding how much snow is on the ground as of January 10, 2013. The first image is from the local Burlington office for the National Weather Service and shows much of our area has at least a foot of snow on the ground. Mount Mansfield has the most snow depth at around 50 inches, while the Champlain Valley, Grand Isle County in particular, has the least amount of snow. The wider image gives you the view across the Northeast. So far, through January 10, Burlington is about +10″ for seasonal snow compared to average, and +25″ compared to last year at this time.

The warm up that is coming our way has already eaten away at a lot of snow in other parts of the country. You’ll find the bottom two images showing the contiguous United States and snow depth, one week ago image on top and the most recent image on the bottom. Note the difference!

Contiguous United States
% Covered by snow
Average snow depth
As of January 3, 2013
As of January 10, 2013

As you can see the lower 48 has lost quite a bit of snow in the past week. The average snow depth has gone down too. I do anticipate quite a bit of snow loss in the Champlain Valley through Monday, January 14, 2013. However the mountains will see less of an impact, though still expect losses there. I will check in with these numbers early in during the following week to see the difference. We’ll return closer to typical January weather during that week though, with colder temperatures and more chances for snow.

-Meteorologist Steve Glazier

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace