Henry’s Diner Burglarized

A man broke into Henry’s Diner, started rummaging through the register taking around $150 in change, is now being searched for by police. He was wearing a black coat with white stripes; bearing the word “Chivas” on the back. Server Edita Dzinic noticed the forced entry.

“As I went into the back to check on the tables and make sure all the chairs were down I noticed the glass on the floor and the broken windows,” Dzinic said.

The staff at Henry’s Diner noticed the burglar tried to get in through a window in the back first before walking to the side of the building and smashing a different window then entering.

The window in the back was boarded up because of a previous burglary. Another time a burglar came in through the roof. That burglar was arrested later that afternoon. It’s something Dining Room Assistant Maria Wheaton has dealt with before.

“We had to explain to people all day. ‘Yeah sorry for the broken window had an incident enjoy your breakfast,'” Wheaton said.

The man broke in around 9:50 p.m. Saturday. Police estimate he’s between 5’9” and 5’11”. Dzinic said that Burlington Police are regulars at Henry’s Diner and she hopes they can get to the bottom of this burglary.

“They like Henry’s they like coming here and we love having them. They make me feel safe in the morning,” Dzinic said.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace