Age: 4 Years Old Breed: Domestic Short Hair Jewel is an independent cat that was a stray in the town of Port Kent, New York. She is around four-years-old and is looking for her forever home. Jewel was found declawed and is now spayed, current on vaccinations and has tested negative for FeLV, FIV and heart worm. […]

1.6.13 Warmer Weather On The Way

To follow up on meteorologist Steve Glazier’s blog, we have a marked warming trend coming for the late week and weekend time frame it seems! This will come as the jet stream shifts its pattern. Recall, the jet stream is a fast flowing river of air in the atmosphere (about 8-12 miles above the Earth’s […]

1.5.13 Colder, but Making Turn to Warmer Again

We have seen some of the coldest air in almost a year! On the left you’ll find three similar pictures that show red and blue. Those are courtesy the CPC/NOAA and show the observed temperature at Burlington compared to the average temperature. The red shows above average days and blue shows below average days in […]

Use Google Alerts to keep stay on top of your industry

Jackson: I own a business that operates in several states. I am trying to keep abreast of actions by competitors that may adversely affect my business. I don’t know how to get access to this type of information on a timely basis. Elaine: I am sure you are aware of Google and searching the site for information […]

4 ways to use your tax refund to improve your finances

The average annual income tax refund is about $3,000. Smart taxpayers understand that this money is not just a windfall. Rather, it is the government returning your own money to you, when it becomes clear that you do not owe it to the government. The good news about a tax refund is that receiving this […]

A-Rod has hip surgery; recovery time 6 months

NEW YORK (AP) – Alex Rodriguez has undergone surgery on his left hip and is expected to be sidelined until after the All-Star break. The New York Yankees say Dr. Bryan Kelly repaired a torn labrum and impingement during the operation Wednesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. The team says the […]

QB Brady braces for team that often has his number

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) – There’s something about the Baltimore Ravens that brings out the worst in Tom Brady. Against most teams, he plays like 1 of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Against the Ravens, he gets outplayed by Joe Flacco. On Sunday, Brady leads the New England Patriots against the Ravens in the AFC championship game […]

1.14.13 Warmth hit our snowpack hard

As you well know, it certainly has been mild around here for the past several days. We crawled out of the deep Arctic freeze early in the month of January, only to find a long stretch of above average and above freezing temps for nearly 8 days now! For most of our region, the daily […]

1.10.13 Big Divide Coming Into Our Country

There’s a big divide coming into ‘The Lower 48’ and no, I don’t mean between democrats and republicans debating over the debt ceiling. I’m talking about snow! A large dip in the jet stream will move across the western half of the country from January 10-13, 2013 while the eastern half will get very warm […]

1.15.15 Stats on the Recent Thaw

The January thaw is coming to an end, but not after doing some damage to our snow cover across northern New England. You can read Chief Meteorologist Kerrin Jeromin’s blog from the day prior, showing a nice visual of  New England and the snow loss in a one week period. It’s quite a bit, especially […]