Clean the air conditioning filter

We tend to blame air malfunctions for failures in the air conditioning compressors but a filter in poor condition can cause failures in the air conditioning. The cleaning of the air conditioning filter of our vehicles is a very important routine for the maintenance of comfort at the wheel and the health of the passengers who travel in it.

It is the element of the air conditioning system that prevents the passage of solid particles (traces of dust, pollen, bacteria, gasoline and all kinds of impurities) that are found in the contaminated outdoor air when it enters the transformation process. air conditioner. It is important to carry out a periodic care of this functionality of the vehicle, especially after a prolonged use, since the lack of it can lead to important breakages. By carrying out a continuous review and a correct cleaning, we can save ourselves a great deal of repairs.

The main symptoms that will indicate that the filter of the air conditioning of our car may be failing are a decrease in the cooling time of the air, that is, if, from the moment we connect the system until the cold air begins to leave, it takes a long time; a small amount in the air flow; unpleasant odors or any other irregularity in its operation. 1956 nash metropolitan recommend replacing the air conditioning filter once a year or every 15,000 km, although if we maintain a periodic cleaning every six months we can significantly increase its useful life.

To clean the air conditioning filter, first of all, we must locate where it is; This depends on each vehicle model, but normally it will be enough to open the hood of the car and look for a dark plastic box. Inside it will be the filter, however, if you have problems with this step you can always go to the car manual.Once located, with the help of a screwdriver, we remove the filter and carefully shake it against some surface to detach the thickest particles. Then using a vacuum cleaner removes the remaining accumulated molecules and finally, with a cloth or paper towel (cleaning, not rubbed), we wash the camera where the device is located.

Replacing the air conditioning filter

Finally, when we have exhausted the usefulness of the filter, we will proceed to change it. This is another simple process that we can carry out ourselves and with which we can save on the maintenance of our car. First, 1956 nash metropolitan will check the filter model necessary for our vehicle, it will always be cheaper to buy it and replace it ourselves than going through the workshop. Then 1956 nash metropolitan follow the same procedure to clean it: we locate the filter (it should be located between the inlet of the injection or the carburetion, but it always depends on the model) remove the lid and remove the used filter. Once this is done, with a compressed air gun or a vacuum cleaner, we remove all impurities from the compartment so as not to contaminate the new part.

After this, we simply introduce the new air conditioning filter with the rubber up, taking care that it rests correctly on the outer edge of the compartment. Now, we just have to close the lid tightly so that no outside air comes in and we can return to the road with absolute peace of mind.

Its main utility is to remove heat from an element to avoid overloading and can become damaged, as well as being able to heat another medium in order to take advantage of the heat.

How a car radiator works?

Due to the heat that is produced in the car with the combustion of the fuel so that the car can be in operation, it is of vital importance to eliminate this heat to avoid that certain elements of the car are overloaded and can get to break. The cylinder of the engine reaches temperatures so high that it can break down the lubricant and stop working if it were not for the cooling system that allows it to cool down.

The cylinders are bathed by a stream of water that collects the heat of these and leads it to the radiator of the car in which it is evacuated outdoors. For the radiator to work properly it is necessary to pour the correct mixture of antifreeze and water coolant, in this way we will get the engine to work properly. When the engine is started, the different cooling components of the engine are put into operation so that the engine does not suffer overloads and may break.

Once the car and the cooling systems are started, the thermostat opens allowing the liquid that has passed through the cylinders and collected the heat from these circuits to the radiator of the car so that it ends up eliminating this heat. The heat is absorbed thanks to the refrigerant mixture that lower temperatures and eliminate excess heat.

Car radiator maintenance

Like the other components of the car, the radiator of a vehicle needs certain maintenance, however, it does not require as much effort or be as constant as it is with other parts. Unless there is a specific failure, we can make the radiator check and clean practically every two years. When 1956 nash metropolitan are going to arrange to clean the radiator it is very important that we do it when the engine is cold, because if we do it when the engine is hot, by the pressure differences that are generated by the high temperatures of the car radiator liquid We can suffer some accident when opening this.

1956 nash metropolitan must dispose of and have an adequate storage container within reach since the coolant is very toxic, so we should not have direct contact with it. The radiator is emptied by opening a key that allows the passage to be opened and emptied. Once emptied, we can inject water directly through a hose until we see that the water comes out transparent. Once we see that the radiator is clean we must proceed to close the key and fill with water and coolant. If you are sure that your filter is in perfect condition and you are looking for air conditioning compressors, do not hesitate to visit our online store.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace