How can you get the best discount code online?

I am sure that you must have heard about Dorothy Perkins already. Though it is a high-end brand of the United Kingdoms, it goes without saying that you too must have stumbled across their site while shopping online. For those of you who are still unknown to this top brand from the UK, it is […]

The best filters in town

Looking for a good filter for aquariums? If you are a fish lover you know how important it is to maintain their habitat in optimal conditions. Having an aquarium at home requires a series of cares, and the most important of all is the cleanliness and quality of the water. The plants, the substrate, an […]

8 financial questions to ask before you say ‘I do’

February is a leading month for engagements, and for many couples, this is the season they begin to plan their financial future together. When you are just starting out, talking about money may not sound romantic. But couples who have spent many years together learn that their financial situation can be a source of strength […]

Use Google Alerts to keep stay on top of your industry

Jackson: I own a business that operates in several states. I am trying to keep abreast of actions by competitors that may adversely affect my business. I don’t know how to get access to this type of information on a timely basis. Elaine: I am sure you are aware of Google and searching the site for information […]

4 ways to use your tax refund to improve your finances

The average annual income tax refund is about $3,000. Smart taxpayers understand that this money is not just a windfall. Rather, it is the government returning your own money to you, when it becomes clear that you do not owe it to the government. The good news about a tax refund is that receiving this […]