Basic Functions to Consider Before Choosing a Dash Cam for Truckers

Dash cams have been seen to be very useful in capturing everything in and out of a vehicle where everything on a trip is been captured. Dash cams have a lot of advantages that make it an outstanding device that can be used for truckers in capturing all their activities during any trip and in some cases this dash cam has helped must of the truck drivers in proving their innocence and not only that it has helped them to accomplish some other things just like capturing their great moments and many more. Although it is well said that dash cams are very useful, but for proper enjoyment of the device one has to purchase the best dash cam that has some important functions that will serve for long.

Functions to consider in picking dash cam

There are lots of brands of dash cam and every brand will always advise you to purchase its product and in some cases, one might not be so lucky and this is because buying the wrong dash cam can lead to poor services and this must be prevented at all cost. There are some functions that are necessary to consider using a dash cam for truckers although considering all these functions may finally lead one in buying an expensive dash cam but is better to buy one that will serve for long. Some of the functions to consider as per my reviews here are:

  • Easy to use:- before choosing a dash cam, it is very important to consider this because considering how easy to use in the aspect of setting up and installing. The dash cam should be very easy to install and also very easy to set up as it is better to buy a dash cam that is straightforward to operate without any stress and a good dash cam will always come with a very detailed and easy to understand user manual; truckers and operators can easily refer to when they encounter any problem at any point. Also, it is very good to purchase a dash camera from a store that has a good customer support group or team that will always come for buyers help if there is any problem with the device. It is very advisable to always follow the user manual as this will always shield more light on any problem users may encounter during usage.
  • Display:- another important function one should consider according you my reviews here is the display of the dash cam as this will have a long way to go in enjoying the device, a dash cam with sharp pictures is very better than a dash cam with low-quality Also, a dash cam that delivers a picture in HD is better and will be appreciated because watching videos in HD is always enjoyable. When considering the display of the device, it is also very important to put screen size into consideration as this will also go a long way. The screen size of dash cam is very essential because it will aid the best enjoyment of the videos. The dash cam has a screen size ranging from 1.5 – 8 inches, therefore, giving buyers a lot of options to pick from. It is also mandatory to know how far the dash camera can capture as this is very useful in determining the quality of pictures.
  • Storage capacity of the dash cam:- the storage capacity of the dash cam is very important and must be considered before buying the device for truckers has the truck will be used for a long trip there will be coverage for hours which will definitely require large storage capacity and according to a survey carried out, 8GB can be a good storage capacity for a start although there are more other large capacities that will be more useful if the cam is capturing and saving in HD format as this will always require more storage capacity. While buying a dash cam, it is very essential to check the storage limit has this varies and the more the better. Some cams have their limit at 32GB while others have theirs at 100GB so it is the duty of the buyer to choose the one best although this may be dictated by the amount of money in the pocket.
  • Ability to detect accident:- this feature of dash cam is very good but only limited to some set of dash cams. This type of feature will always warn truck drivers whenever the truck wants to hit an object and it is very useful in parking trucks and it can also be used while driving through very difficult terrains and paths. This type of feature is very important as it will help secure the truck and also guild the drivers in driving safely.
  • Night vision:- this feature is important according to my review here is to capture all happenings at night as it will be so sad if the dash cam is unable to record at night. Accidents are very rampant at night and a dash cam without night vision feature won’t be able to capture the scene which makes it useless. It feels cool when the dash cam records incidents at night and the pictures come out with good quality.
  • How durable the dash cam is:- buying a dash cam that can last for years is very important and makes one happy compared to buying and in few months it is already broken. To prevent buying devices that will not last, it is very crucial to consider buying a very high- quality dash camera although it may be very expensive but it is better. Before buying, it is advisable to ask around for the best brand of the device and this can be done by involving users in a quick survey about the different types of dash cam in the market.

Furthermore, a dash cam is very important in capturing some memorable moments and at the same time cautions truck driver which are very good points to consider.

Post Author: Evelyn Wallace